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At the heart of Resolute To Change Community Interest Company (CIC) is our Community Action Programme. Our Community Action Programme works with individuals with complex needs, often facing difficult situations.

These individuals include:

  • Those Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET)
  • Hard to reach individuals
  • Individuals entering the criminal justice system
  • People involved in gangs and violence
  • Individuals that are involved in or at risk of criminal exploitation
  • The unemployed
  • Individuals living in poverty
  • People that are socially excluded and facing complex barriers

To achieve the aims set out in our Vision and Mission Statement we offer a variety of services below:

Holistic Approach

With a holistic approach, we help young people and adults 16+ irrespective of race, gender, religious background or sexual orientation in both one-to-one and group settings. Our staff work with individuals to address their issues and help them understand how to improve their current situation. We offer practical support and advocacy to make sure lasting changes are put in place. We’re able to offer social support, housing support, accompanying to appointments, negotiating Education, Training and Employment (ETE) opportunities, welfare benefit support, debt advice and advocating in court and professional meetings. We support our clients to access a vast array of educational and development opportunities to prevent the
likelihood of the individual returning to poverty, unemployment, or the criminal justice system, for example.

Promoting Healthy Living

Fitness, health and wellbeing initiatives are at the forefront of our programme, along with casework interventions. Through our Community Fitness Programmes, group and one-to-one Nutrition Advice and Guidance Sessions, we work with people to improve their baseline fitness and understand the role of healthy eating on both short-term and long-term health.

Gang Exit Strategy

Our caseworkers understand that many young people who have been excluded from mainstream school are targeted to join gangs. We work with young people in Pupil Referral Units (PRU) and in the community who are at risk of or are involved in gang affiliated behaviour. We deliver an innovative programme of support that provides personal, social and educational development. Our programme aims to promote gang exit and crime prevention, as this enables young people to access further education, training or employment (ETE). Our holistic approach to mentoring and our support services help to empower and motivate young people, giving them confidence and a desire to break the cycle of reoffending, exploitation and peer-pressure. We provide information, advice and guidance, life skills, health and wellbeing awareness, access to existing or further ETE provisions, support to access benefits, housing and employability support.

Mentoring Support

An important part of each programme we provide for our clients is our Mentoring Support. Our Mentoring Support is a tailored service, helping to address individual needs. It assists in removing barriers to enable individuals to grow, develop and find suitable opportunities. We act as an advocate for the individual, assessing and supporting their needs every step of the way. Our practical support methods influence positive change within individuals. We do this through one-to-one meetings, producing initial assessments, goal setting and action plans, which advance and improve academic achievement and supports those that are vulnerable to realise their full potential.

Employability Support

We are able to provide a number of services to vulnerable young people and adults who are identified as NEET, have experienced long-term unemployment or are in poverty due to job loss. Our services help individuals of all abilities to make informed decisions and make successful transitions into learning and employment. We make sure that people affected by these issues are given as much support as possible so they can take steps to improve their situation. This includes, but is not limited to, impartial employment advice and guidance, effective job searching technique coaching, CV writing support, interview preparation training and sourcing work experience, job tasters and voluntary work experiences.

Social Exclusion

We work in partnership with local councils, housing associations, leading statutory and third sector organisations to reduce local area criminal activities and tackle social exclusion through our one-to-one and group mentoring advice and guidance programmes. We support local communities to reduce local area crime by empowering individuals who are vulnerable, gang exploited, financially unstable and who are in the criminal justice system, to break the cycle.

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