Community Get Fit

Supporting the Community to be Healthy

Your fitness journey starts here

After securing key funding, Resolute To Change CIC has a unique opportunity to promote social inclusion, health and wellbeing for all Acton Gardens residents (W3). Working in partnership with Acton Gardens, we provide all Acton Gardens residents free one-to-one and group fitness exercise classes in their local park and community centre. In addition, all Acton Garden residents are given access to tailored support to alleviate loneliness, mild mental health issues, homelessness, unemployment, anti-social behaviour and financial hardship.

What can you gain?

Whatever your interest, fitness goal or experience level, we have the right exercise classes for you. Our free one-to-one and group fitness exercise classes in your local park and community centre can help you:
  • Feel less isolated and alone
  • Improve your health and fitness
  • Make new friends
  • Increase your levels of confidence
  • Feel motivated and inspired to create change in your life


Our classes and Personal Training sessions are fun, energising and always keep you on your toes! They include:
  • Body Pump
  • Buggy Fitness
  • Legs, Bums & Tums Circuit
  • HIIT (Hight Intensity Interval Training)


    You will also have access to a fully qualified Personal Trainer who can help you with:
    • Weight, Calories and Body Mass Index (BMI) tracking
    • Health and Nutrition advice
    • Ways to get and stay motivated no matter what stage of life you’re in
    • Assistance with building your confidence to use the park gym equipment

    One-to-One PT Sessions

    All Acton Gardens Residents can access 4 one-to-one PT sessions through the duration of the Community Get Fit Programme. During these sessions, you will receive:

    • Fun, engaging and inspiring workouts
    • Nutritional Advice and Guidance
    • Advanced PNF and Assisted Stretching Therapy
    • Progression assessments and reports
    • Fitness and health test reviews – including BMI and BMR access

    Our Community Get Fit Project for Acton Garden Residents are held 9 am – 6 pm every Tuesday. Spaces are limited, so Book Now!

    Please click here to know what to bring to your Community Get Fit Fitness Session

    Partners we work with to create a better community: