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About Us

Resolute To Change CIC (RTC), is a unique organisation providing the community with services to ensure we fulfil our vision and community mission.

Private PT Sessions
We understand the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and recognise that keeping up an exercise regime can be challenging. RTC’s two main aims are to help people to incorporate fitness into their lives and to support them to reach their full fitness potential through our affordable, accessible and fun Personal Training packages.

Community Get Fit Project
RTC understands that not everyone can afford a reoccurring gym membership or a personal trainer (PT). That’s why we have created the Community Get Fit project for community members to engage in regular fitness sessions to improve their health, mental health, social inclusion, mood, anxiety levels, confidence and motivation. Community Get Fit is a way to provide the community with free one-to-one and group fitness classes.

Community Action Project
We recognise that not everyone can equally access the same life opportunities, and some may face unforeseen life barriers which can prevent them from unleashing their full potential and talent. We have created the Community Action project to work with local councils, statutory services (YOS and London Probation Services), charity organisations and the youth sector to support 16-25-year-old young adults who are NEET with holistic support plans. We support young adults to reduce the life of criminality, homelessness, gang and/or serious youth violence and substance misuse as well as returning to ETE through our one-to-one sessions, mentoring and group advice and guidance approach.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Resolute To Change CIC is to support individuals from all walks of life, who may have multiple barriers and complex needs. We help to create a better, inclusive community through fitness, mentoring, advocacy, and advice and guidance.

Our Vision Statement

To alleviate life challenges, integrate different parts of society and create community cohesion throughout the UK.

Our Company Values

Empowerment – We work with people to help them become stronger and more confident. We help them to feel in control of their life and recognise and use their resources to be successful by unleashing their amazing talents.

Health and Fitness – Health and Fitness is at the very core of Resolute To Change CIC. Our approach to health and fitness motivates and inspires people to create change in their life.

Support – Everyone needs support at some stage of their life. Whether it’s from a friend, family member, counsellor or caseworker. We believe everyone should have access to support when they need it the most, especially those with complex needs facing multiple barriers, as we understand the multiple social challenges people can face.

Fun – Having fun whilst working hard is important to us. We provide fun, affordable and accessible fitness classes to individuals and community residents of all fitness levels.

Respect – Irrespective of age, race, gender, religious background or sexual orientation, we believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect and be given every opportunity to develop and grow.

Community – Through our unique community approach, we bring communities together with our passion for fitness, health and wellbeing advice, and support. People from all life stages are welcome to use our services and because of this we help integrate different parts of society to create one big family.

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If you would like to learn more about how our Community projects work, please head to our Community page, or Contact Us for more info.